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we produce precision and close-tolerance fabricated aluminum components, and extruded shapes, profiles and drawn tubes. alloys produced include major hard alloys - 2xxx, 7xxx and mmc, and medium and soft alloys 5xxx, 1xxx, 3xxx and 6xxx.

our products are widely used in the following industries.

  • bicycles - seamless tubes for frames and critical components, connectors, handle bars, rims and others.
  • automotives - radiator tubes, heat sinks, connectors, fuel lines and structural components.
  • recreational - tent tubes, ski poles, scooter tubes, and seamless tubes for baseball bats.
  • transportation - light rails, beams for subway trains, atv and other structural components.
  • aerospace - fuel line tubes, seat tubes, structural parts and components.
  • defense parts and components.
  • electronics - computer peripherals, mounting brackets, heat sinks and notebook computer cases.

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